JFagela Photography was born out of a passion for Weddings and a desire to capture the enchanted and marvel of those momentary, precious nuptials. Managed by the enthusiastic couple with dedicated photographers who love taking the time to connect with every couple we photograph, take pleasure in them showing us what they have been love doing from the first day they met until the BIG day.

JFagela Photography guarantees the gentle and enjoyable experience of being photographed. We capture real emotions, we never ask our clients to be anything but themselves, as comfortable as possible, and it shows. Not only in the beautiful images we capture, but in the couple’s response to our photographers and the wonderful feedback we receive from partners’ colleagues online.
We want to extend our services and it pleasures us to be able to offer more and more couples, truly beautiful memories of their SPECIAL day.


Our approach and style of storytelling have to lead us towards being the observer and letting the event naturally unfold. We focus on creating artistic heirlooms by capturing the raw emotions, details, and natural beauty of the day.

We preserve cherished moments forever.

Our Point of Difference: We firmly believe it’s a wedding, not a photoshoot; and we are devoted to telling the real story of the day. We feel that there is beauty in truth, and if your event was a blast, your photos will reflect that. If it was sweet and emotional, the pictures will tell that story, too!

Our dream client are those who know simplicity and timeless aesthetics. They look after the quality of the product instead of the quantity they will receive. Their wedding will be remembered a hundred years as timeless, unique and fun.
Unit 213 2/F Gateway Centre, Paseo De Magallanes Commercial Center, San Antonio St., Brgy. Magallanes, Makati City 1232