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August 19, 2019

Have you read our company’s Vision? If not then take a look at HERE!

Here’s what else you need to know about us!

My wife and I got married last 2011 so we also felt the struggles and everything that you probably have been into now. We go to bridal fairs, canvass for suppliers, meetings, purchases and all those things. So we understand how it’s like to be on your shoes.

We used to be a Photography Only team. But then, we realised that it is more efficient for our team workflow if we combine it with videography. Since the photo and video team members are “close” to each other, we know how they work and what could be their next move during an event. We frequently conduct Team Meetings to update our current status and discuss improvements. There will always be struggles during an event but our team are well experienced to handle them all professionally. Miscommunications are opted out and mistakes are close to nothing. This what makes our team efficient and unique.

Each team member share the same vision and dedication in shooting weddings ~ To capture what matters most and to uncomplicate things during a wedding. Remember our company vision?
As much as we want to engage with the current trends in the wedding industry like the styles and effects, we prefer to have a simple, clean, straightforward and elegant approach in any event. We love to unstage and simplify things and showcase the real emotions during the day as stated on our company vision.

Since I’ve been in the IT industry prior to photography, and my wife as a Sales administrator, we took advantage of the current technology. We use a CRM tool to properly organise client workflow. Delayed outputs are mostly because of the manual way of operating the business. Mistakes due to mismanagement are the most common downfall. We’ve been there before, we know how it was to be there. So we use a system where all client details are nicely managed, tasks and workflows are clearly defined up to the Job fulfilment.

Our clients can view online their quotes, digitally sign their contract, get payment receipts, receive updates about their deliverables and get notified for upcoming promos we have! Lastly, we can now accept credit card payments! 🙂

To give you a bit more unique detail of our team, we are the only photography brand in the Philippines at the moment that offers long lasting backup of your precious files. Have you imagined those precious moments, swept away because your USB or hard drive crashed after 3-5 years? We backup all our clients files to our own cloud solution. A technical solution to prevent file loss.

We are also the first photography brand in the Philippines to use Online Album Proofing system that helps us delivery quality and timely output to our beloved clients.

We also created a video tutorial so our clients know how to proceed with the next steps in downloading their files, uploading files for album production and much more!

We also have a dedicated delivery team that will take care of your precious deliverables on time!

On top of our unparalleled experience, skills and attitude, we use high end equipment and gears, stable enough to capture your precious event.

All of this because of our passion and dedication in delivering the highest quality and memorable experience to each of our client.

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