Do you have an office? Business registration and other legal documents?

Of course we do! We’ve been doing this for almost a decade now and we love Philippines! Our office is located at Unit 213 2/F Gateway Centre, Paseo De Magallanes Commercial Center, San Antonio St., Brgy. Magallanes, Makati City. Our office is open from 10am – 6pm daily but schedule a meeting beforehand so I can go there to meet you personally! 🙂

Why is your package very expensive compared to other photo and video team?

I don’t think so! Please read our article about this,  HERE.  You will mostly hear that it’s because of those gears and technology acquired, years of experience etc. While most of these facts are very true, if you want a non-generic answer, then here you go ~ I prefer to minimise our bookings to a very few selected and willing couples out there. Why? We recently had a chance to shoot weddings on a daily basis. We got burnt out honestly because of that. I didn’t had time to focus on my family, my wife and kids which I believe are the most important source of my passion, inspiration and creativity. My mind and body can no longer take it so I chose to live a lighter life. This way, I’ll be able to serve our clients really really extremely ultra electro magnetic well.. 🙂

Let’s just put it this way, a nurse can serve 10 patients at the same time, but the quality of work is different from a nurse who is dedicated to a single patient. Those kinda things right? 🙂

Do you join bridal fairs?

We join bridal fairs before, however we stopped because we feel that we should limit our work to a few selected willing people who really loves our work! But we will come back soon so better stay tuned!

Can you still focus knowing that you are a photo and video team? How can we make sure that you manage your clients very well?

Although we are a photo and video team, that doesn’t mean that I specialize on both fields. Yes I do know how to use video equipment but my specialty is really into photography. My video team members specialise on their own craft and I am just managing the entire team. And I think, that’s a very good setup because the team’s mind and footwork are synched together!

On top of that, you get to simplify communications between suppliers, because you will only talk and discuss with a single person, and that’s ME! 🙂

We also use a CRM system to manage all our clients and make sure that Jobs with approaching Due dates are handled well! Watch the video below to see how we manage our clients!

How long do you produce your client album and other deliverables?

We give partial edited and RAW footages on the same day of your event. If not, we upload them to our client’s unique cloud storage link the following day. Watch the video below on how we present our client files via our cloud system.

Our clients get to choose their photos for their wedding album, portrait etc. We send instruction to our clients through email on how to send us their selection. We will then download the photos, layout the album and once done, send them a link where they can see their online album for proofing and approval. We use a system called cloud proofing system to present albums. Take a look at the video below as an example.

Until when do you preserve/store your client files?

We recently found a system/way so we can preserve all our client files, by uploading them to our cloud storage solution. This will be kept for life until the platform is available. 🙂 We do not see this technology getting obsolete any time soon. See the video below to appreciate this.

What makes you different from other photo video team?

The quickest answer I can give you is that out Vision differs from the rest of suppliers out there. You can read our team vision HERE. Our style is very unique and cannot be explained through a TEXT format, but let me try this one.. Over the years of experience, we developed a skill we called “Conversational Shooting”, where we constantly talk to our couple while we are clicking and hitting that camera button, and keeping our frames intact. Imagine drawing a picture on a paper without looking at it because you are talking to someone else. Now that’s an exceptional skill that can only be acquired through years of experience!

During your main event, we really love to keep it simple. As much as possible, we try to let things unfold naturally in front of our lenses just like what we promised on our Team Vision. Our team believes that a wedding is a wedding and not a photoshoot! If you have request shots, we’ll be glad to take it but please send it to us beforehand and not on the day itself. 🙂

Watch a preview video below for you to appreciate.

Do you have photo package only?

Yes we do! Send us an email at for inquiries!

Do you accept credit card payments?

We do not have a credit card terminal yet but we can arrange a Paypal transaction where you can use your credit card to settle our invoice. Send us an email at to arrange this. 🙂

Do we need to feed you?

Not really. Food allowance or crew meal will do, but we will really appreciate if you include us to your meal plans the entire day! Besides, photo and video members who are full, are really creative! :D.

Who picks the song for our videos like prenup video, and SDE?

We usually pick the song but we can hear you out and see if we have the same taste for music!

If you will insist that you will pick your song, and we found ourselves capturing footages that is totally contrasting, we will have to instruct every scene to match your choice of music.

Can you cry while laughing? 🙂 You better be good at this got it? 🙂