How much budget should you allocate for your photo and video team?

April 15, 2020

Since you have now decided or know your preferred style for your photography team, it’s now time to dig in to the other side of the story which is “Budget”.

If you missed our article on how to choose the right photo and video for you, here’s the link below:

“How to choose the right Photo and Video Team for you”

This is actually a no-brainer if you do not have a ceiling for your wedding fund. You’ll definitely go for the best and finest in the wedding industry. But that’s not the case for all couples. Sometimes, even if couples can afford high-end rates, they would rather invest it somewhere else.

So if you’d like to know how much budget you should allocate for your photo and video team, here’s a quick guide.

A recent study shows that depending on the couple’s wedding fund, the average is between 12-15% of the entire wedding budget. So if your wedding fund ranges from 500,000-1M, That’s between 60-150k.

We based the percentage from a US based site so here’s an estimated costing here in the Philippines:

If you have not read our article about your benefit and importance of photo and video for your event, kindly spare a moment before we proceed. This will help justify the facts stated on this article.

Why do you need Photo and Video for your wedding”

Now that you understand more of the Value your photo and video will bring, we’ll now explain how Photo and Video teams come up with their very reasonable packages.

So which package should we avail? There’s a lot of suppliers to choose ranging from Php60k-150k. How do we identify or what are their differences anyway?

When you purchase a package from a photo video team, you are not just buying what is indicated on your contract like the “SDE”, Album, Portrait and etc.. It comes with much more important items listed below. (Items are not arranged in any particular order)

1 Experience -The team you hired are highly experienced in many events and you are guaranteed that this team of professionals will deliver, regardless of what scenario is in front of them. None or low experienced teams may have a lot of mistakes and hint “complains a lot”. If a team is experienced enough, issues were already taken into consideration and most likely, experienced teams already have a workaround for every single instance.

2 Credibility and Credentials – Experience is totally different from a team’s credibility and credentials. A team maybe experienced but it is not equivalent to having a high positive credibility. If a team is highly experienced but still lacks positive credibility, then that team may be taking gained experiences the wrong way. You can check independent reviews from other sites as well as consistent reviews from their business page.

3 Unique Expertise and Style – Each team’s goal is to separate their style from each other to make them unique. High grade teams invest a lot of time studying when they are not in an event, to make sure that they will produce a different perspective for their upcoming events. While low grade teams just copy styles and techniques readily available in the market.

4 Gear acquisition and depreciation – We need not to identify each gear for every team as this will draw a lot of discussion, but to give you an idea, a seasoned and well equipped photo and video team purchased a million and up just for their gears. 1 professional grade camera costs around Php100k – 300k depending on the brand. A single high end lens costs around Php 30k – 300k (sometimes even more), and a team carries around 12-16 pieces of this fine glasses. So you can then multiply this amount to the corresponding number of shooters present during your event. And lastly, a professional laptop costs between Php50k to 250k depending on the specs and brand. I no longer mentioned about the lighting equipments, audio equipment and a lot more miscellaneous items.

5 Deliverables – The packaging, album, portrait, storage retention etc. are all part of the team’s deliverables when it’s time to submit the proofs to their clients.

6 Administration – Employees (if any), Office Space Rental (if any), Electricity, Tax, Permits etc. are definitely part of the costing and should not be missed!

7 Technology – Every team uses their technology softwares for editing and post production tasks. Each software is paid on a monthly or yearly subscription. And please don’t forget about the marketing fund by the way!

To give you an example of how a package is computed, here’s a breakdown:

Photographer’s Professional Fee – The entire job cannot be done by a single person alone! Each photographer of the team will require their professional fees for a single event ranging from Php4k(low) to as much as Php10k(high) each depending on their skill and seniority. If your package comes with 3 photographers, this will cost around Php12k(low)-30k(high) overall.

Same Day Edit – Requires the minimum of 3 Professional Videographers, 2 Production Assistants and a separate SDE Editor. These people definitely have their respective Professional Fees ranging from 4k(low) to 10k(high) each depending on their skill quality. SDE Editors professional fee ranges from Php5k(low)-15k(high) depending on their skill and vision. Production Assistants fee’s range from Php1k(low)-2k(high).

Service Vehicle – Teams usually just hire a van for a day instead of bringing each of their vehicles. Van rentals usually ranges from Php4k(low)-10k(high) depending on the location within Metro Manila and nearby places. Out of town fees are totally different costing from this specially when passing expressways.

Album – from 5,000 to as much as 50,000 depending on the quality the studio showed you.

Portraits – from 3,000 to as much as 20,000 depending on the size and quality of the frame.

Full Edited Wedding Video – As an add-on to your package, this piece of video will take around 3-5 days to make (depending on how busy the editor is and how quick the editor is) and its professional fee ranges from 10,000 – 20,000 as 3 days will be allocated for this job alone.

Packaging – when it’s time to deliver proofs of your wedding, this costs from as low as 1,000 to as high as 5,000 depending on its quality.

To sum it up:

~ 3 Photographers – 12,000

~ Videographer – 12,000

~ SDE Editor – 5,000

~ 2 Production Assistants – 2,000

~ Service Vehicle – 4,000

~ Album – 5,000

~ Portrait – 3,000

~ Full Video – 10,000

~ Packaging – 1,000

Total: Php 54,000

~ 4 Photographers – 40,000

~ 4 Videographers – 40,000

~ SDE Editor – 15,000

~ 3 Production Assistants – 3,000

~ 2 Service Vehicles – 20,000

~ Album – 50,000

~ Portrait – 20,000

~ Full Video – 20,000

~ Packaging – 5,000

Total: Php 213,000

Business owners also deserve to live on earth the same as the normal people, so we need to put a profit of around 30-50% on top of the total package.

Total (low) 54,000 + Profit (low 30%) 16,200 = Php 70,200
Total (low) 54,000 + Profit (high 50%) 27,000 = Php 81,000
Total (high) 213,000 + Profit (high 50%) 106,500 = Php 319,500

Hey we almost forgot! Part of this profit will go to items numbers 6 and 7 indicated above!

Does this mean that you are not supposed to book one if your wedding budget is below the suggested price range? You can definitely book anyone you want even if they are below the suggested range! You will get what you paid for right?

While it is true that all high end studios out there came from a beginner status, this article will only serve as guideline in identifying the right budget for choosing your dream photo and video team! 🙂

We wrote an article about a workaround for budget related concerns! Below’s the link!

Solution to budget problem revealed!

Up next on our blog, we’ll discuss about hiring separate photo supplier from video supplier and why having them both under the same company is a wiser decision! So stay tuned!

Are we compatible to work with each other? Does our mind speak of the same vision for your wedding? 🙂

Check our team’s vision here:

Our vision when shooting weddings



If you have any question or would like to add suggestions, please comment them below! Happy supplier hunting!


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