How to choose the right photo and video team for you?

April 15, 2020

I’ve heard and experienced a lot of stories from couples and fellow studio owners about some misunderstanding with their current client regarding output.

“Hindi ko bet ung style nila” “Hindi ako masaya sa kulay ng photos ko” “Gusto ko laid back lang” “Ayaw ko masyadong posed gusto ko makatotohanan” “Gusto ko ung Glam”

Different couples really prefer different styles. This is the same for Photography owners, different photographers, different styles and approach.

The intent of this article is to guide future couples on how to properly identify the perfect studio that they will book for their wedding, as well as minimize misundertanding between the client and the studio owners in terms of expected output.

Choosing the right photo and video for your wedding will boil down to your wedding budget and style. We’ll focus on identifying the style here first, then on our next article, we’ll discuss about the budget.

There’s a lot of options to choose from in the market but definitely only one or maybe two will stand out based from the result of your preference.

Let’s talk about the Style first

The golden question you should really ask yourselves ~ “How exactly do we want to remember our wedding day?

If you search the internet, you will probably end up with a lot of results and may lead to a huge number of selections.

We asked multiple reliable and seasoned wedding photographers here in the Philippines and based from the result, it will fall on just two categories. ~ Photojourn and Posed. The next layer is “Approach” and the rest are just “Treatments” to a photo.

These are the type of Treatments currently available. Treatments are techniques applied to a photo to add emotion and impact.

1 Light and Bright

2 Strobist

3 Dark and Moody


We have narrowed down possible Approach offered in the current market.

1 Traditional or Classic – If you are a traditional and classic person, it means it’s Ok for you to pose and smile in front of a camera. Photographers usually direct and pose people to achieve the desired output. Key shots are beautifully produced with this kind of approach ~ “standard shots”.

2 Candid Photojournalism – A very popular style that photographers adopt to their skill set and arsenal. This is also called documentary shooting. Though we have to note that candid can be photos where the subject is not looking at the camera while Photojournalism has depth and it tells a deep story behind it. Those are two different aspects.

3 Fine Art – A little bit of traditional and photojournalism with a twist. You may be asked to pose but the way the photographer frame the subject will blow your mind in a way that “How did he/she think of that??!”. This involves creative and unusual frames and composition and post production techniques. Make sure that there will be other photographers taking care of securing other main or key shots of the day like family and group photos. Highly associated with “Dark and Moody” treatment because it utilise shadows to elevate their subjects, while “Light and bright” uses high key treatment to flatter their subjects by emphasising clean and fresh look!


4 Natural Lifestyle – Mostly associated with “Light and Bright” and “Airy” photographs but can also be used with “Dark and Moody” treatment. The most requested approach of photography during the time of this writing. This type of approach is a combination of Photojournalism and Fine Art. It showcases natural photos that are linked to a specific lifestyle scene, which the couple usually do. The photographer may direct (not a specific pose) a specific scenario and from there, the photographer finds his right angle and timing to achieve the desired output.

5 Fashion – This approach is mostly associated with “Strobe and Glam”treatment. If you love to pose and be bold, this style is for you. This style use posing and artificial light to achieve the desired result.

Now that you have the selections, you can now start choosing which Category, Approach and Treatment combination best suites your taste. It’s like a Mix and Match activity that you as a couple will do. To give you an example:

Couple 1:“For the Category, we want both ‘Photojourn and Posed’ for our wedding day because we really like to have those unguarded moments during our wedding but doesn’t want to miss the formal shots as well. Then for the Approach, we prefer to have ‘Traditional or Classic mixed with Natural Lifestyle’ with ‘Light and Bright’ treatment.”

Couple 2: “For the Category, we want Posed for our wedding dahil minsan lang naman kami ikakasal so we want to feel like the celebrities and models.  For the Approach, we prefer to have ‘Fashion’ with ‘Glam’ treatment.”

Couple 3: “For the Category, we want Photojourn for our wedding dahil hindi talaga kami kumportable sa harap ng camera.  For the Approach, we prefer to have ‘Fine Art’ with ‘Dark and moody treatment.”

Sometimes, grooms let their brides decide for the majority of their suppliers. They just look and approve kumbaga. “Kami yung taga bayad lang..” “Kung san sya masaya, dun din ako” mindset so to speak.

On our point of view, it will be easier if you combine both of your preference and not just let your partner decide on it alone. The process will be much easier.

Now that you have an idea and basis of which style you can work on, it’s now time to shortlist possible suppliers out there. 🙂

 Moving on, once you have the list of suppliers, our next article will discuss about Budget. Here’s the link:

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