Team JFagela’s vision when shooting weddings

April 4, 2020

JFagela Vision


We are not perfectionists. Our work will never be a perfect one, but it will surely stand the test of time. Because we believe that there is no such thing as a perfect event.


We want our couple to experience the real feeling of how it’s like to get married. The excitement, the happiness, the unexplainable feelings and the rest of emotions that a wedding should offer ~ translated into our footages. That is our goal, to capture moments like that and not staging what you should be doing during your wedding day. We do not want you to miss a single moment during the wedding day, we will make sure that we do things quickly, so you have a lot of time to mingle, talk and have fun with your friends and loved ones. And we will always be there to capture those moments beautifully. That we think is the true essence of capturing a wedding.


We want to make sure that our team will be a great investment and addition to the joy, happiness and success of each event.





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