Solution to budget problem revealed!

August 19, 2019

You do not want to run short on your budget for your wedding right? But you want to book this specific vendor that’s way beyond your budget plan. We’ll here’s a little tip that you should consider to have the best of both worlds!

1. Have a custom package and exclude things that you can avail after like Prenup Photoshoot, Prenup Video, Prenup Album, Save the Date etc. Focus on the essentials but never compromise by lowering your standards.

2. So you really are after the prenup photos right? For your prenup album, the most important thing is that great memories were already captured artistically and they are available when the time comes that you want them to be printed on a physical canvass or have it on a very elegant album. Think of it first if it will be a great addition to your wedding!

3. Get out of the Trend!! Do you really need a same day edit (SDE) video? What’s the purpose?

Sometimes, decisions are made because it’s the current trend that dictates it. Ask yourself and your partner first if an SDE will be of great value to your event! This will drastically decrease the cost of your package without compromising the quality of the output!

4. You can avail your wedding album and wedding portrait soon! Keep in mind that the photos needed to make an album and portrait is already captured by your professionals. After a few months or a year and you have been financially stable and you decided that you want your photos printed, you can always go back to your supplier and process the album and portrait. This will greatly reduce the cost of your package!

Thinking of removing some of the team members to decrease the price tag? That’s a very big No! It’s like buying a car and having only 3 wheels to save cost!

So to recap, don’t compromise the quality of your photo and video team’s output by slashing the number of manpower in exchange for freebies or a small amount of cost deduction. Second, always aim for the essentials and upgrade soon!

Team JFagela offers custom package and we always provide quality output.
Check our rate sheet here!

If you have other ideas on how to help our fellow soon to weds resolve their wedding budget without loosing quality, comment below!

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