These things helped us pay the bills while weddings are away

May 17, 2020

It’s been 2 months and counting now, and it seems like time is racing against together with the bills. Now my wife and I can’t help but think of how to overcome this situation. While we keep on making our wedding products still relevant and up to date, at this moment, weddings maybe back to normal in a year or two? (No one knows yet) And most of our weddings were already rescheduled to the following year anyway. We published rates for intimate weddings because some of the wedding experts forecasted intimate weddings to be the latest trend for a while.

Regardless of what work we are right now, because of the pandemic, we all learned and we now know what the real essential jobs are. And that not all jobs will really protect and save us financially especially on worst case scenarios. The bottom line is, building a side business  is so important on top of our bread and butter jobs. A bold and truly sincere statement for anyone.

I am sure you’ve heard the famous line “Don’t put all your eggs on the same basket” and on the contrary, “Put all your eggs on one basket and watch for it carefully”, so that is what I did before. 

While we kept on learning new things that will help us get back on track soon, we also tried starting things that we think will be of big help financially and here are some of them:

~ My wife and I initially searched for a product that we strongly believed-in (plus considered it’s an essential product) and turned it into our main product. We innovated the original one according to what we think the product lacks, added a few more features and voila!

~ We sold products that ESSENTIAL product makers need. There’s a lot of people selling essential products out there so we thought of selling what do this people/businesses need. Like for example, a pizza cannot be a pizza without a dough or flour ~ so we sold them flour. Likewise, businesses who sell food will definitely need packaging, so we sell them packaging solutions. In that sense, we are also kinda “Essential”, because we support essential makers.

Here’s a framework of thought to consider in choosing which product to target and here are the golden questions:

1. Is the product essential?
2. What essential materials do this product need?
3. Where do they get their materials in making their product?
4. Can I innovate the current essential material and make it more valuable so they will get it from me?

~ We sold ideas and knowledge that we explicitly know. We compiled and wrote it down to an eBook or a tutorial, made an appealing packaging and uploaded it for sale. 5$ for something really valuable to someone else won’t hurt the pocket right?

To give you an example of what we currently sell online, you can check out one of our website below. By the way, I am an IT specialist by profession prior to being a wedding photographer that’s why I have knowledge on Pixels.

This one is sold for 49$ each and we already sold 105 subscription to this point and counting.

Our point here is that you can write down or record anything that you know on your niche and sell it to people who may need that information. We are 100% sure you know something that you are really good at! 

So why not offer it for FREE? When we offer a Full product for free, we may actually destroy the product itself and the trust between us and the client. FREE items can be easily thrown away by anyone BECAUSE ITS JUST FREE! Simply, there are things that can be given free, but definitely has a boundary

By the time that our product line up were ready, I subscribed our small business to and this site helped our products be seen by a lot of people since we don’t have much time mastering the ins and outs of FB Ads, and instead of spending Php2000 per week Boosting an FB Ad, we’d like to leave it to the experts in Paymee regarding that subject matter. They know how to target clients better than us, plus we have our own Dashboard to manage client orders for just a few bucks per month!

So what’s the point in sharing all these information? What’s in it for us? Well for one, we can just keep quiet and do this by ourselves. But we think there are really a lot of people out there who have mind blowing ideas, that just don’t have the right inspiration, or something that will trigger, to do action. And that sucks if that skill or idea will not be put in practice especially during this trying times.

Now go ahead and use your power of observation within your community and see if you can come up with something valuable! Best of luck to all of us!

If you have any other ideas, kindly post them on the comment section and please feel free to share this to anyone you think might be of great help.

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