Things to do during ECQ

April 4, 2020

Corona virus sucks! That’s the single thing we will all agree! Regardless of who’s in the government (haha!), we need to work together as a team to prevent further damage to us and to our valuable industry ~ the wedding industry. So we have compiled some things that we can do which may probably be useful and may lead us to be more productive and efficient during this trying times! So read on!

1. Organise files on our hard drives.
We had a lot of time yay!! We sorted this so we can easily access our files. This way, we don’t have to plug all our hard drives and look for one specific client folder. Time to do some clean up!

2. Compress our files
If a client project status is already closed, we compress our photos to 1.5mb each then upload them to our cloud solution.
For video files, we compress the footages via Adobe Premiere and export them as Medium Bitrate. Sure the quality of this is just enough for a backup just in case something happens. In some instance, 100GB Files can be reduced to just 10-15GB single file and that’s a lot of space saved!

3. Upload our files to cloud storage! Remember to always have backup of our files right?
This could be the biggest chunk of our time. Uploading all files will depend on internet speed, but this days, internet speed keeps on going faster and faster (some without Capping) so plan your uploads intelligently. But for our security, don’t purge hard drive contents (yet), let’s wait for a couple more years or wait until it gets ripped off by itself on our shelves. Then we’ll realise the good thing we did having that backup in cloud soon!

4. Sort our music archive. If you do SDE Photo or Video or Full Wedding Video, you probably have run through the problem in choosing the perfect music that we are going to use for our project. This is the perfect time to organise and categorise our music archives! We came up with a plan on how we are going to folder sort those MP3’s so we can easily access them when we need it. We have a folder for weddings, for kiddie parties, debut, prenup etc.

5. Plan how to automate our business.
Doing everything manually will always take our precious time. We want to get our lives back so we automate and simplify email replies etc.. Chatbot will also be of big help! Having a CRM tool will greatly help in doing management things for you. More of this on a separate article.

6. Document step by step procedures inside our business and save it as a PDF.
Ok so this is a long overdue task we should have done from the beginning we must admit. Being organised within our domain will really pay off soon when we scale up our business. I understand that I can no longer shoot and edit when I am already on my 50’s right? If I have documented the step by step procedures and comes the time when the company needs to scale up, this documents can be of big help when hiring our employees soon!

7. Strengthen our co-supplier tie-up. Socialize with our partner suppliers online and show our presence and support with each other. In times like this, we need to support each other right? This is the best time to do that! Come up with a plan on how to market your services when all of this gets back to normal.

8. Update our website. If you do not have any website, time to make one.
In a digital world, people always seek for simplicity. If they can search what they need online, then they will. If clients see our artwork as “Valuable” to them, then that’s the time they will dig deeper and probably meet us. We cannot always depend our booking by “Waiting” for someone to inquire on our FB Page. Remember, Facebook and other social media platforms are just “Rented Platforms”, what if our page got blocked? Or what if these platforms get obsolete soon just like Friendster and Multiply? Now that’s a big problem there!

9. Learn new skills in marketing. Learn FB Ads.
Everyone is looking at their FB or IG walls right now trust me on this. People have nothing to do except that one now and Netflix! It’s now our time to be seen. In an industry like what we have now, being visible to our target market is vital. Did you know that we have COLD and WARM audiences in social media? Warm audience means they already saw something about our brand/company. What if they saw our brand multiple times during the ECQ period? They will more likely engage to our next post engagements soon because they already know or seen us before! More about this strategy on a separate article!

So that’s it for now! This things will really keep us busy and productive all through out the ECQ period!

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