Why do you need photography and videography for your wedding

August 28, 2019

“Ang mahal naman nyan, iaallocate ko nlng sa food kesa gumastos ako dyan!”

“Grab ko nlng photos from friends and guests ok na un.”

“Maganda naman cellphone ko ok na yun!”

“Yung isa ko friend nag pphotog un sya nalang libre pa!”

Ok so to start, you are celebrating because it’s a milestone of your life. Whatever it is either wedding or your debut or your birthday or whatever occasion you are celebrating.

Ironically, you failed to hire someone to record that celebration, meaning, remembering the raw emotions during that day may not be of your top priority. Then how will you remember it?

One of the most obvious reason why you need photography is because you want to save a ton of money. Why? One thing is that you can share your photos/videos to those people who are not present during your most special day. Of course they are special, but the venue can’t accommodate everyone or you might have a limited budget which is totally understandable. We are pretty sure, the first thing you will seek the following day are the photos and videos from last nights event so you can share them with other family members who did not make it, or those you failed to invite.

Putting aside events and celebrations for a moment, you need photography because you want to document procedures that can be shared all through out your company. That’s a lot of money saved in there! Photos also sell your products and earn. See those billboards and advertising materials you see everywhere?

Now going back to celebrations and events, let’s dig in deeper. Photos are not just images, it will help you recall the same emotion at that moment it was taken, and that moment might never happen again! Did your grandma and grandpa told you how they met? How happy they were during their wedding day? Ohh….Photography isn’t available during their time right? Well, are you going to make the same excuse to your grandchildren now?

The whole point of taking photos is so you don’t have to explain everything, freeze the moment, and go back to that certain point of time to remember the feeling 🙂

Let me tell you a real story we encountered a few years ago,

“Sir Jay, Thank you for capturing wonderful moments during our wedding. Joel and I almost decided to go separate ways because of some differences and we could not bear it anymore. If not for your masterpiece hanging all over our house, we almost did not make it. When we browsed through the happy memories your team made at our wedding, it feels like it was just yesterday. The feeling and the emotion were fresh. We can say that your team is one of our very valuable investments we had. Now that we have our little bundle of joy, we’d like you to capture moments during his 1st birthday celebration. We hope you are still available when we secure and booked the venue. Thanks a lot for everything!”

This made us realize that what seems to be a normal workday for us is a genuine treasure for someone else. From that day forward, whenever we go to a wedding, it feels like we’re on a mission to make an impact on other people’s life once again.

You will probably hear this statement several times coming from your Ninongs and Ninangs during their speeches ~ Relationship is not just a walk in the park (Jurassic Park!), it may will go through trials and that’s a fact. And that’s how powerful photographs are..

To get things straight, it is really not a question about why, but a decision if you’re going to hire a professional or just your guests and few friends willing to do the job for free.

Here’s a list of additional information on why you should hire your professional photographer.

1. Professional Photographers have high standards in shooting intricate details. Their eyes are trained to see what a normal person can’t visualize.
2. Professionals are well aware of the scenarios and we are ready for it. Anytime-anyday. We’ve been doing this for years. We know where to place ourselves on specific parts of a program to capture that perfect moment! Can your guests do that during your ceremony and reception? Nahhh..
3. You will find your self a-busy-bee during the entire day together with your guests, and you won’t even have time to pull off that wonderful cellphone you have, the take a photo. Leave it to the professionals. They are focused in capturing photos of you together with your loved ones.
4. Your friends and guests may not have special gears like ours. We invested a lot of time, experience and money to make sure we capture the right moment. Things that your friends may not have.

Your friends may not bring back those moments if they missed it.

Please don’t get us wrong on this. Food and venue styling is really important to invest, because guests will remember and talk about it for the next few weeks or months. But food and venue style cannot explain how happy you are 10 years from now. Do you even remember what you ate 10 years ago during your wedding in the first place?

When I got married a few years ago (2011), I have no idea what we had for dinner on that fancy hotel, (except when I looked at our contract). I even tried to ask one of our guests during our wedding if they can remember what we had during our reception, and you probably know the answer they told me.

Do you want future generations of your family members remember that you even exist, and what milestones you had?

Let me ask you again, do you really need a photographer and videographer during your event?


If you have other ideas or comments so we can help other future couple out there, please write them down!

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